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So yuh think yuh is a Trini, check an' see how much ah dese tings yuh do already.

1)      You point with your lips. And you give directions with your hands,
 	even if it's in another state. 
2)      You go to parties for the food.
3)      You nod your head upwards to greet someone.
4)      You're standing next to plenty luggage and boxes at the airport.
5)      You use an umbrella for shade on hot days.
6)      You alyays offer something to eat or drink to visitors.
7)      You hate to throw empty containers away for thry might come in handy for 
pepper sauce and seasoning.
8)      Your recipe for lime juice is plenty water, plenty sugar, plenty ice, 2 limes 
and a pack of kool aid 'to stretch it'.
9)     You say "boy" at the beginning of a sentence and "man" at the end of it.
10)     You hate to stand in long lines. A habit you adopted from the days of pushing 
to get into "pit" to see a movie.   
11)     You flirt by having a foolish grin on your face while raising your eyebrows 
12)     You always turn around when someone says "Pssssssssst."
13)     You say "So long" instead of "Yes, I'm done" when someone asks if you 
finished the job yet.
14)     You hang a rosary in your car's rear view mirror. Even though you're not 
15)     You have aunts and uncles named "Tantie" and "Sonny."
16)     You put ketchup and pepersauce on your pizza.
17)     You make a drink and ice cream with peanutbutter but you never put it on 
your bread.
18)     You think eating salted cod fish and fried bread is a great morning meal.
19)     Your cupboard is full of canned corned beef, peppersauce, and red beans.
20)     You think steak is a waste of good meat. You rather cut it up and stew it 
with some potatoes instead.
21)     You wash and reuse plastic utensils and styrofoam cups.
22)     You use your finger to measure the water when cooking rice.
23)     You bring food home from a party.
24)     You think your rum and Carib beer are the best in the world and you hate it 
when nobody heard of them.
25)     You put ice in your beer and wine, and you chew the ice when you'redone.
26)     You think drinking wine at a party is too sissy.
27)     You drink wine made out of rice, hibiscus flowers, aloe vera andpracically 
28)     You still say "Father Christmas" and "Old years" night.
29)     You hate leaving a tip, especially to a male waiter.
30)     You shou disappointment by sucking your teeth (steupsing).
31)     You still call a soda a "sweet drink" or "soft drink."
32)     You know what is a "zabocar."
33)     You know the meaning of "obzokie."
34)     You go to the Pharmacy and ask for "Panadol."
35)     You wash the "wares" after eating.
36)     You respond "Doh mamaguy meh" when someone pays you a compliment.
37)     You know what "mamaguy" means.
38)     You refer to all powdered cleaning agents as "Vim."
39)     You know someone called Beulah.
40)     You can distinguish between cocoa-tea, green tea, and bush tea.
41)     You call all hard candies "sweeties."
42)     You refer to all salt crackers as "Crix."
43)     You dip your bread in your morning coffee.
44)     The word "storm" has nothing whatsoever to do with the weather.
45)	 You still eat fries with ketchup AND MUSTARD.
46)	 You call fries "CHIPS".
47)	 You pronounce words in plural, even though it's meant to be singular; 
eg."gimme ah COKES" or "ah GRAPES".
48)	 You say "FLIM" (film), "AXE" (ask) or "PITIAH"(picture).
49)	 Rain is a good excuse for missing work, much less snow.
50)	 You know what "WOKKIN' AH 10 DAYS" is; and know darn well it's going to take 
way longer than 10 days.
51)	 You know the meaning of several indian words:eg.  "dahl", "bahgee","channa",   
"barra", "chunkae", "bowgee" and use them in every language. 
(and actually believe them to be the correct "English" terms).
52)	 You know that a "LIME" is not necessarily a fruit.
53)	 You call little kids "PO PO" or "BETAH" and your (girl/guy) friends "DAHLIN" or	
54)	 You eat "WILD MEAT" - stuff that some people keep as pets or may consider 
disgusting animals; like Iguana, Lappe, Matte, Tattoo (not the skin paintings)or 
55)	 What other people consider a "cafe ole" is the way you regularly have your
coffee (with plenty milk).
56)	 You would choose a "FETE" over anything of relative or utmost importance, 
even if it leads to unemployment.
57)	 You call any "older" woman "TANTIE" and any "older" man "UNCLE",  
regardless of whether or not they are related to you or even know you.
58) 	You could sing an entire Parang song in Spanish word for word, but don't 
speak or understand a word of Spanish.
59)	 You know who "Anansi"and "Papa Bois" are.
60)	 You can't bring yourself to using the correct "scientific" names of sensitive 
body parts because you think it sounds vulgar. Instead you use words child-like 
words such as: "TOT TOTS", TOTI",  "BAM BAM" or "BUMSY" and "TUN TUN" or 
61)	 You love Soca and know the meanings of "RAMAJAY" and "DINGOLAY".
62)	 When in doubt of how to prepare something to eat ... CURRY is the always 
the solution.  You know Trini's will curry any and everything (not just meat): 
mango, fish, conch, etc...
63)	 You can call your fellow "countryman" by an ethnic name and it would be 
ok; eg. "CHINEE-MAN", "CREOLE", "DOUGS", "PYOL" or "COOHLI".
64)	 When you ask for "PEPPER" you don't mean ground black pepper.
65)	 You know what a "BULL-PISTLE" (sometimes called a "bull-bouy") is made 
from and what it's used for.
If you have failed to relate to any of the above, you are by all means now 
considered a "bogus Trini".  
Without question, a  "true" Trinidadian knows or at least has heard of all of these.
I hope you enjoyed these, feel free to add more. 
Send them to me. bstoute@yahoo.com

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